today in Microscopic Squid news

Piglet Squid 

I’ve been sitting on this for days (and boy, is my butt tired)(and smelly) because I thought it was totally fake.

Piglet Squid? Underwater geofeatures that look like naked women? I swear to god, I thought the Piglet Squid was some kinda Disney character, brought to life through the intervention of someone with Photoshop and too damn much time on his/her hands. What can I say, I never watched Saving Nemo…or was it Finding Private Ryan? Whatever, I never saw either of them. I ain’t seen Casablanca yet!

Imagine, if you will (or can) my mortification when I discover that the Piglet Squid is, in fact, a perfectly normal, if teensy, cephalopod that lives in the sea off Nigeria. Oh! The shame! I shall be laying off the calamari and buying live seafood in Chinatown for free-setting purposes in penance. Do tilapia do well in Burrard Inlet?

In any case, these are totally real photographs and (highly cool) video from the BP Kongsberg Underwater Image Competition. Do not miss the video section; bizarrerie of this magnitude does not come along every day, at least not without the use of expensive and debilitiating pharmaceuticals.

3 thoughts on “today in Microscopic Squid news

  1. I don’t think anyone blames you for ignoring the veracity of this picture — it is utterly too cute to be real! Very Warner Brotherseque.

  2. Don’t ask me. I’m still not convinced tilapia’s a fish. I think that since we’re running out of white fish for “catch of the day” someone grew something in a vat somewhere and called it “tilapia”.

    And if you’re sitting on a squid, by the way, let’s not pretend it was for journalistic integrity (as though that had ever stopped you before!), or indeed any murky reasons but your own.

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