from Israel, with love

Israeli children sign Howitzer shells

Yep, that’s Rule #1 of any military regime: they’re all tameable if you catch them young enough, before the brain has fully developed.

Of course, this does not excuse the parents.

From BoingBoing:

Here, some Israeli girls have apparently been told to “sign” bombs Howitzer shells directed at Lebanon, writing messages like “from Israel with love.” Link (via lawrenceofcyberia and thismodernworld) Update: That link keeps crashing my browser. Here are better links, to the source of these photos: one, two.

Caption, via AP, “Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, next to the Lebanese border, Monday, July 17, 2006.” AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner.

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  1. Raincoaster, the thing that ashamed me the most about the Iraq bombings was our military writing stuff on bombs and missiles. Pictures like that being beamed around the world do nothing to quell hatred of the West or further the cause of democracy and freedom.

  2. I read the post cited above, which claims the pic is a photo op staged by western journalists. It in turn has a comment posted from the original writer that modifies the story.

    The situation is that yes, the children were goaded into performing for a camera crew.

    By their parents. Who wrote the original messages on the shells.

  3. That IS a clarification, though. Originally it appeared as if the military asked them to do this. That the parents did, in order to show off their hatred in front of a worldwide audience, is a meaningful piece of information.

    As for what the photographers were doing there, anyone who’s been to Israel knows the photographers go where the military tells them to. If they don’t, they get shot.

  4. Not really, sorry to report. Minor skirmish with Metro about whether or not online petitions should exist. 300 Lebanese casualties and 7 Canadian ones. Gawker is playing email tag with a Jessica Alba stalker. Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager is worth checking out, because it’s always fun to watch people whose lives are more pathetic than your own. Found a guy who posts lightsaber tutorials to YouTube, and shall post eventually. Xeni Jardin commented on my blog, and I broke the top 100,000 on Technorati. Operation Global Media Domination continues according to plan. Discovered my scanner does not work, therefore cannot post the amusing restaurant receipt I got that read “BANG LORRAINE”.

    More interesting activity over at the Shebeen Club blog

  5. I did skate twice…and am about to do it again, in the dark this time. Wish me luck. If I’m not blogging by dawn, call the Mounties. They have no jurisdiction in Vancouver, but they’re hotter than the VPD.

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