Hand shadows 101

via both BoingBoing and Fark. Some of these are pretty spiffy. I’m relatively sure I used to have these in a booklet; probably a Girl Guide camping manual of some kind, cuz gawd knows I had all that shit. raincoaster was all about the Girl Guiding, until she got into horses.

Is that Peter Cook?

7 thoughts on “Hand shadows 101

  1. Wanna hear some gossip? I heard from an old friend of the Sinclairs that Daddy Sinclair introduced Pierre to his lovely daughters, then took him aside and asked, “Which one do you want?”

    I tell ya, BC will do anything to get attention from Ottawa.

  2. All those comments about Pierre “choosing” a Sinclair sister are completely false.
    My Grandpa did not ask Pierre which one he would like to marry. You have no idea how it happened, and you will never know. Also my Aunt has never had plastic surgery.

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