letter o’ the day: Guido’s new jobhunting technique

Labour...blogging...and of course, no pay. I thought these socialists looked after their people?Hmmm, we’ll see if this works. I actually managed to get fired by someone I had serious blackmail material on…but of course, I shoulda had it on my computer, and not hers. D’oh! I shall be watching this with much interest. Of course, if it actually paid, I’d be applying myself, but I’m done with these “great exposure” jobs. If I want to expose myself, I doubt not that I could find an audience. Which brings us full circle; after all, I still think Tony Blair’s a sexy bitch.

There was Guido thinking that Recess Monkey was the official Labour party blogger, apparently not, since the Labour party is running a competition to find the official blogger for their conference. First prize is free access to the conference. That is a prize? What does the loser get?

“You’ll be given access to all the key speeches and events at Conference and you’ll be blogging from the floor about your experiences.” Guido might even get to meet Prezza!

To enter, all you need to do is email blogatconferenceatnewdotlabourdotorgdotuk detailing your:
* name* address* phone number* blog URL
* and 100 words on why you should be our Conference blogger.

We will pick the best, the most innovative and the freshest entry before announcing the winner on Friday 8 September. So good luck and send us a blog!

To: Guido sez hiblogatconferenceatnewdotlabourdotorgdotuk
From : guidodotfawkesat

Dear Labour Blog Competition,

I would like to be the official Labour party blogger for a laugh.

If you don‘t pick me I will publish a picture of a government minister breaking the law this weekend. Your call.



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