Olbermann lays the smackdown on Rumsfeld, the video

 The transcript is here, for those of you who have difficulty with American accents.

5 thoughts on “Olbermann lays the smackdown on Rumsfeld, the video

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  2. What a load of autocue rot. If freedom was being eroded over the pond half as much as he makes out he wouldn’t be allowed to say that. That wasn’t an analysis it was a rant. Rumsfeld doesn’t rant, he just tells it how it is. I think one day the George W Bush administration will be remembered as one of the greatest.

  3. @Steven

    Wow–so the terrorists ARE dumping mind-altering drugs into British reservoirs!

    I don’t have time to list point for point the ways in which *** has managed to take a secure democracy, with a proud history of scrappy democracy and a surplus of credit both financial and moral, and bankrupted it in every possible way.

    Shall we just start (–start!) with the word “torture” and leave it hanging in the air so you can ineffectually bat at it?

    When you get tired of that we could discuss the sole veto *** ever cast, versus the 147 people he killed before even attaining the presidency.

    Then we could get into the various reasons he’s so far used to kill about 140,000 people (although I’m sure he sleeps better knowing that only 3000 or so were Americans) so far.

    “Compassionate conservatism”–was there ever a bigger lie?

    *** isn’t just venial and stupid–though he is those–he’s actually evil. Frankly, I’d rather have Nixon back–in fact if I lived in the US I’d be starting a write-in campaign to draft Nixon’s rotting corpse. And *** draws his cabinet from the same cesspool of war profiteers and Paleo-con ideologues he crawled out of.

    With luck he’ll be impeached before next year. One day, a survey will be unable to find anyone with a full set of teeth living outside a trailer park, asylum or correctional institution who admits to ever having voted for this cretin. It’s only an unfortunate trick of history that his name is unlikely to ever actually be expunged from the record.

    The fact that he has so far remained un-struck-down by lightning bolts is the surest proof of the non-existence of a god. If America was still under British rule the Queen would have sent him to the Tower by now.

    I began my own blog midway through his first term with the objective of remaining objective in political commentary. *** took that resolve and ripped it from me like a brown paper suit. His actions beggar reason, leaving no term sufficiently grandiose to express his beliefs.

    And in case you still can’t tell analysis from a rant: this is both.

    Hope you’re having a nice day.

  4. Graydon Carter’s Letter from the Editor was particularly good this past month. In it, he said this:

    “We have a president who continues to argue the fine points of what is, or is not, torture. (Remember those balmy, simpler days of our youth when we had a president who quibbled over what is, or is not, sex?). And on this, the fifth anniversary of 9/11, perhaps it’s time to review the administration’s assertion that that was the day the world changed. It really wasn’t; 9/12 was. That was the day the neocons in the White House began using this devastating attack on American soil to further their own dreams of taking over Iraq. That was the day the world began its downward spiral. That was the day the administration began plotting to remove a dictator over there and to create one here.”

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