au revoir, Mad V: incorporated, but not forgotten

So whatever conglomerate bought him out has been unable to get a single goddam thing done since May of this year. Fine. I don’t particularly take to heart a failure to capitalize on something. All that bugs me is that Mad V has been off the air, so to speak (and it is now no more than a metaphor) since May. And Mad V, in fact, rocks.

Mad V should be let loose to thrill the people; did you buy him just to put him on ice? What are you, some kind of gravitational monopolists or something? Who would prevent this man from doing his thing? If you didn’t know how you could use his thing, why did you buy him?

Any slave trader would have slapped you silly for that.

The Farewell Performance:

It’s been a great few weeks for me. What started off as a joke turned into a connection with so many people. After 4 weeks of going viral across the internet I’ve just signed a contract with a TV production company, and as a result, there can be no more MadV on YouTube.
I just wanted to say ‘goodbye’ in a meaningful way…
I can’t thank the fans enough – all the comments, the tributes, the dedication – you guys really are awesome.
I’ve learned a lot, and I hope some of you have too. It’s been fun along the way. If I could leave just one idea – it would be this:
We are all part of this world, so let’s respect one another. If you gotta be sayin something, say it nice. Don’t let the haters stand in your way. I didn’t. True!
I’m off to new and brighter things.
Thankyou YouTube for creating the platform we can all dive off.
Keep your chin up
Thaniel (aka MadV)

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