Light Up the World with MadV

Another video challenge for 5 November from my favorite masked man:

Light a candle and tell the world what you remember. Post yours now. Together we can light up the world.

The “Humans” Project

A video challenge for the world from the great MadV:

What does it mean to be human?

Take part in The “Humans” Project, a community effort to pin down the elusive description of human nature and what humans are.

Post a video response with your original spoken sentence.


“Humans are….”
“To be human is….”
“I am human because….”
“What makes us human is…”

All spoken responses will be considered for the final video project.

*Original music used with kind permission
“To The Moon” by An Explorer

MadV, hacked???

As our regular readers know (at least, those who read the blog, not the feed, and can watch our discerning and brilliant assortment of YouTubes) we around these parts are big fans of the mysterious, magical MadV. A pseudonymous agitator and artist of the very best kind, he has evolved from a simple kid doing magic tricks in his bedroom into a true thought leader. Naturally, in the current, prank-laden and Anonymous-heavy atmosphere, we take the below announcement with a grain of salt; it could be that he’s been hacked; it could be that he’s playing an elaborate, multi-partite game on us; it could be that the Thetans have got the better of him.

We don’t know.

Nonetheless, we present the following video for your analysis; think of it as the Dramatic Prairie Dog, for Anarchists.

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Remember: the MadV call to action

He’s back.

What do you want the world to remember?

On the 5th of November you are invited to post a video about what encompasses you as a person, what inspires you, what brings you hope, and most importantly those little things that you may have forgotten.

You may choose any topic, any idea, any person, event or place that you feel people need reminding of. You can use any style and any method (talking, writing, photos, metaphor) to get your message of remembrance across.

The aim of this project is to gather together people from all over the world on one unique day to celebrate the important things that we forget, and to remind each other of what we need to keep ideas alive.

Get ready, be creative – but please don’t post until the 5th November.

Remember, remember
Chin up,

where’s your head at?

A classic conundrum, brought to life by the mad genius of MadV.

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