MadV, hacked???

As our regular readers know (at least, those who read the blog, not the feed, and can watch our discerning and brilliant assortment of YouTubes) we around these parts are big fans of the mysterious, magical MadV. A pseudonymous agitator and artist of the very best kind, he has evolved from a simple kid doing magic tricks in his bedroom into a true thought leader. Naturally, in the current, prank-laden and Anonymous-heavy atmosphere, we take the below announcement with a grain of salt; it could be that he’s been hacked; it could be that he’s playing an elaborate, multi-partite game on us; it could be that the Thetans have got the better of him.

We don’t know.

Nonetheless, we present the following video for your analysis; think of it as the Dramatic Prairie Dog, for Anarchists.

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