Mariko Takahashi’s Poodle Fitness Video

The most infamous fitness video of all time, and that includes the porn ones.

This is what William Wegman would have done, had he taken a hit of acid and channelled the spirit of Eva Gabor. And Dali, watching, would have spooged all over himself in spasmodic glee.

From JapanProbe:

9 thoughts on “Mariko Takahashi’s Poodle Fitness Video

  1. Silly, but not absurd. This is intentional, an idea with a modicum of wit, that, like many ideas, should have been ignored. (I should know, Metro has them all the time!)

    Anyway, thanks raincoaster, my life is more complete after having seen this.

  2. I’m glad Lori has a fuller life after this. I watched it and am now looking into a gaping chasm of darkness and despair after realizing that someone actually put in thought and effort to create this. No wonder people are still trying to build a better nuclear ‘device’ if people are even trying to anthromorphize poodles into workout fanatics.

  3. FE, how can you be surprised, at this late date, about anything anyone does with their time on the Internet?

    That said, I have to add that the scariest thing about this video is the production quality — a lot of work went into this…hours that could have been spent making the world a better place, instead of a more ludicrous one.

  4. Not as soul-deadening (or ubiquitous) as the dancing baby, not as funny as Aleksy Vayner’s video resume (however unintentional)… Eh. I’ve seen worse.

    (p.s. Glad you liked faguar; I can’t remember where I heard it.)

  5. Actually, because I don’t have tv, I haven’t seen the dancing baby; I HAVE seen the dancing Shatners, and that’s worthwhile. At the time on the internet, you were either in the dancing baby camp or the Hampster Dance camp, and you can tell from my capitalization which one I fell into.

    “Faguar” is one of those words that is simply perfect in its own way. Luv it!

  6. Not absurd? NOT ABSURD? She’s wearing special prosthesis to give herself poodle bumps. I’d say that was plenty absurd.

    engtech, you need to get out more. DO NOT GET A DOG.

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