Daniel Radcliffe, dirty dawg!!!

Wait till JK Rowling finds out about this!!!

On the other hand, rowr!

22 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe, dirty dawg!!!

  1. How is that bad? I’d venture to say there aren’t many men in our age-range that haven’t dreamed of a Mrs. Robinson encounter with Diana Rigg.

    But she does not look so hot with a condom on her head, it’s true.

  2. No, no–quite the contrary. To quote someone I’d never ever quote: “Me wuvs me some”–as often as possible.

    Unfortunately at my current age, a true cougar would be approaching the age where the walker gets in the way, and I’m no longer old enough for the ones just entering full-fledged cougarhood.

    That’d be something to see–a fully-feathered cougar. Grrrrrrowl, mama!

    But me still wuvs me some Donnas. Unfortunately the link on that page is dead. I’ll try to find the photos later.

  3. As in THE Donnas, the band? I know what they look like; everyone who ever saw a teenage whore outside a small town Mac’s Milk knows what they look like.

    And Dame Diana is pushing seventy. You’ve seen her: not too scruffy for a geriatric, eh? Happy hunting.

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  5. Oh come on, this has got to be some kind of a joke, it is to well filmed to be a behind the scenes thing and if you really think he is that much of an ass your an Idiot. Who acts like that? Not even the biggest jackass I know, and the ones I know are pretty damn bad arent this bad. You would think that if you people thought about it for a moment you would realize that if he was really tring to get her in to bed he would be a hell of alot smoother. AND it is a well documented fact that he does not smoke in real life, he did for Equus just for the character, for art. Also this is a kind of PRIVATE thing, do you think he would allow the fucking camera that close to him? Or that she would have taken that well? yeah, when pigs grow wings and fly out of your arse. Remember you can not believe everything you see, though this was kinda funny.

  6. Not really. You just want to make him look like shit for some reason. Could it be jealousy? he is a talented actor who could have anyone he wants, and let me guess you can’t get off the computer long enough to find a date?

  7. Look, I don’t know any other way to put this but: you’re dumb. Really, seriously, you’re as dumb as a sack of rocks. Please step away from the keyboard if you cannot tell the difference between hidden camera candid shots and an episode of Ricky Gervais’ hit television show Extras.

  8. I am dumb? Funny that the way you choose to insult me is with such a childish word, but those shots are to high quality to be hidden camera shots and with the camera movements, there would have had to be at least 5 (At last count) cameras. the only unintelligent one on this page is you, but I am sure you can’t see beyond your own stupidity to see such things.

  9. Oh god, where to start…I can see I shall have to type much more slowly, using smaller words.



  10. oh my god that OutaiOkami person is an idiot. hahahahaha.

    funny show… i wish extras was aired in aus =[

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