what this world needs is more singing, dancing contraception

If they could somehow work jazz hands into this, it would be just about perfect.

NSFW if your boss is really, really uptight about cross-sectional illustrations of gay sex, or maybe also wooden dildos

Here, via The Manolo, is the singingest, dancingest Bollywood-fabulousest subtitlediest condom commercial you’ll ever lay eyes on. They’re like the Teletubbies of the prophylactic world!

It’s remarkable that somehow the Third World got the jump on us in this regard, but here is the proof. Surely, surely, if North Americans had condom commercials featuring Paula Abdul choreography and Celine Dion vocals, maybe throwing in some Sigfried and Roy or Zac Efron for the boys, we could eliminate unintended pregnancy overnight! Up With People and the whole celibacy movement just haven’t got the showbiz pizazz to pull it off. I mean, what can you do when Blair from Fats of Life is the best you’ve got? We need to ramp up the production values if this is ever going to work…as they said in Earth Girls are Easy, Southern California has the cosmetology equivalent of Stealth technology. The same can be said for its entertainment. What’s the first step?

First, we sign Bob Evans. Then, we wait, baby. Then we wait.

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14 thoughts on “what this world needs is more singing, dancing contraception

  1. Works for me! Reminds me of a TV program by Channel 4 in the UK called ‘Let’s talk about Sex’ showing how kids are educated in Holland as compared to the UK. It was hilarious watching the English kids and teachers watching this cartoon showing a girl and boy making out and masturbating. They were so embarrassed and shocked they could barely watch the cartoon but alas we English are into teenage pregnancies and long may it stay that way…

    BTW – Enjoying your blog!

  2. Showing that video in grade 9 sex ed would certainly calm the class into giggles and perhaps lighten the discussion up surrounding the issue of contraception.

    OMG though… so funny.

    Raincoaster I don’t need to read Fark when I have you to read.

    Thanks for being you :)

  3. Thank you! What a lovely compliment!

    butterflug, welcome. There is much strangeness hereabouts, so enjoy it!

    TT, I thought you’d like it. Did you notice that the blue one has ribs and the pink one has bumps? They’ve got all the bases covered! (well, on second thought, obviously first, second, third and home!)

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  5. Finally, at 5:45 AM I get a chance to watch the whole thing.

    Did anyone notice that the two figures embracing at the -4:30 mark or so were both male … well they both had mustaches, anyway.

    If sex ed in North America had half as much intellectual honesty we’d see a reduction in teen pregnancies, abortion, pyromania, serial killing, and shoplifting.

    Unfortunately all the North American countries are run by people who believe AIDS is caused by track lighting and window treatments.

  6. Usually I do not read post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, quite nice article.

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