Harry Potter on the Bible

Oh dear, looks like somebody’s mad enough to curdle butterbeer!

Harry Potter will kick Judas' ass
Harry Potter will kick Judas’ ass

From JarOfHearts:







Oh dear. This will not end well.

Let’s change the subject, shall we? Howabout something nice and fluffy, like some gossip links? Wouldn’t that be nice? Sure it would:

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There, all better.

Paris Hilton’s Bunny Hutch


Paris Hilton was in Donnie Darko? I don't remember that part.

Paris Hilton was in Donnie Darko? I don't remember that part. These remakes have gone too far.

imaj: Lolebrity
sorse: Fark

Mind you, if Jake Gyllenhaal is in this one too, I’d totally watch it. Some people wonder why Paris Hilton has a movie career, but think about it: House of Wax on DVD = $7 to watch Paris Hilton die!

And now, yes, your Gossip Links. It’s only three times a week, shut up!

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Hipster Potter and the Philosophers, Stoned

Hipster Potter and the Order of the Phen-Tex

Hipster Potter and the Order of the Phentex

What’s Phentex you ask? Oh, silly little person. Don’t worry, it’s quite esoteric and you’ve probably never heard of it.

And, yes, more gossip links. I’ve just gotten a huge project off my desk, so no worries, I’m going to have more time for REAL blogging now.

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Operation Global Media Domination: the Search Term Situation

Longtime raincoaster readers will fondly recall the old search term roundups of yore. That was before nekkid Britney Spears and Hairy Potter blew all other search terms off the list. Alas, these days unless I check my stats page within an hour of the new stats day’s dawn, I’m stuck with a list that looks depressingly like:

  • Britney Spears sex tape
  • Britney sextape
  • Hairy Potter
  • Harry Potter nekkid
  • naked Daniel Radcliffe
  • penis Radcliffe Spears fur
  • beaver shots
  • fairy [sometimes Cthulhu instead, especially on the high holiday of Squidmas]
  • etc, etc.

Very boring, I think you’ll agree. Today I became uncontrollably excited when I realized I’d actually gotten some links to other things:

ingrid betancourt 15
lolgoth 12
britney spears sex tape 10
daniel radcliffe 9
britney sex tape 9
fairy 8
beaver shots 7
the outsiders 4
steve jobs 4
fish pedicure

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, fish pedicure! We have, in fact, two fish pedicure posts, Smells Like a Fish and Getting Oral is Good for You, both of which are self-evidently true.

You may now resume your Britney Spears Sex Tape surfing. Fnord.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Peter Joins Penis Protection Program

For several months now, all the world, or at least, all the world that can afford New York theatre tickets, has been eagerly looking forward to the Broadway debut of Harry Potter’s wand. We at the ol’ raincoaster blog have not failed to cover the blow-by-blow as Daniel Radcliffe and his Nethers of Strange Hirsutity have triumphed in London in Peter Schaffer‘s intense psychodrama Equus, but as the day approaches when all (and we do mean ALL) will be revealed to the notoriously insatiable, cellphone-camera-equipped American audiences, Radcliffe‘s handlers are getting nervous. They fear his peen may fall into the wrong, presumably sweaty, hands.

Says the star, on the possibility of his privates being made public via a quickie Flickr: “It will be amazing but I will be terrified!” And no doubt so will some of the more shrinking violets in the audience, from what we hear!

Just how amazing it will be, fans who cannot affort the high price to share his physical presence may never know. His handlers have taken every precaution to prevent leaks, going so far as to equip the theatre with infra-red defenses, like in that capoeria laser dance scene in Ocean’s Twelve, you know the one, to sniff out and, presumably, stun or even vaporize overzealous cellphotogs. Who knows?


His personal security has been increased as well, and let me tell you, these people do not mess around.

Daniel Radcliffe and his peen protector

Image sources: Uli Weber, Hollywood Standups, hat-tip With-Malice

article hat-tip to dissfunktional

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