Operation Global Media Domination: the Search Term Situation

Longtime raincoaster readers will fondly recall the old search term roundups of yore. That was before nekkid Britney Spears and Hairy Potter blew all other search terms off the list. Alas, these days unless I check my stats page within an hour of the new stats day’s dawn, I’m stuck with a list that looks depressingly like:

  • Britney Spears sex tape
  • Britney sextape
  • Hairy Potter
  • Harry Potter nekkid
  • naked Daniel Radcliffe
  • penis Radcliffe Spears fur
  • beaver shots
  • fairy [sometimes Cthulhu instead, especially on the high holiday of Squidmas]
  • etc, etc.

Very boring, I think you’ll agree. Today I became uncontrollably excited when I realized I’d actually gotten some links to other things:

ingrid betancourt 15
lolgoth 12
britney spears sex tape 10
daniel radcliffe 9
britney sex tape 9
fairy 8
beaver shots 7
the outsiders 4
steve jobs 4
fish pedicure

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, fish pedicure! We have, in fact, two fish pedicure posts, Smells Like a Fish and Getting Oral is Good for You, both of which are self-evidently true.

You may now resume your Britney Spears Sex Tape surfing. Fnord.

5 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: the Search Term Situation

  1. Make a post about how you don’t get any hits for “Britney Sex Tape,” title it “Britney’s Sex Tape: where are thou?” and begin with the sentence “Britney’s Sex tape is legendary.” Tag it with Britney Spears and Sex, make sure to put it in a text widget in the sidebar titled “Britney Sex Tape Post” and trust me, you’ll see the hits roll in.

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