comment o’ the day: counting on the Count

Count von Count, ah ah ah!The Count is, bar none, the coolest character on Sesame Street. Forget your Leftys, forget your Oscars, the Count, Count von Count, was the only one who would have sneaked into your bedroom in the middle of the night and turned you into a numerically-obssessed, undead creature of the shadows. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the bar for cool around the ol’ raincoaster blog, and that is the secret behind Keith Richards’ enduring popularity; the threat of supernatural eroticism.

Where’s your Big Bird now?

Sesame Street is, as we have noted time and time and time again around these parts (even without getting into Grover is Bitter, which we will some day we’re really stuck for a post) an endlessly fascinating topic and a true microcosm of the urban reality which surrounds us, pervading every aspect of our lives. Truly there is no contemporary city experience which cannot be examined through the lens of this iconic children’s program.

Jimmy Canuck is on to this; he’s currently enjoying a long run in WordPress’s Top Posts for his 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Sesame Street, and I am proud to report I did, in fact, know most of them, including Guy Smiley’s real name. I even know Grover’s! It’s an interesting post, for who among us can say they already knew Baby Bear was Jewish?

He doesn’t look it.

But deep in the comments section I found this little gem from cole. Read it and weep laughing.

I actually know the guy who did the orginal Count voice. He is in a fiddler band and one night while I was cocktail waitressing I asked him to do the voice and he said…

“Fuck off” and “No”

I said , please oh please, not detered…he said,
“I only work for money.”
I offered a dollar, he said “Fuck you, two.” I agreed and he said,
“I see von green eye, two green eye…ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Now go and get me a fucking drink.”
I love Sesame Street.

12 thoughts on “comment o’ the day: counting on the Count

  1. I just finished reading Dracula…. thanks for the picture of the Count!

    Grover rules… everyone knows that so-cute-he’s-Japanese-Elmo ought to be mopped up by SuperGrover and then served the wrong soup. I’m looking forward to the Grover Is Bitter post. :)

  2. I’m sorry, but Cookie Monster is the coolest character on Sesame Street. He’s also the one with serious crossover appeal, as evidenced by the immense popularity of C is for Cookie, the greatest of all the great Sesame Street songs.

  3. OMG – my dad had a count puppet that he used to bring out at bathtime when we were little. He did the voice so perfectly. To this day, the count is still my fave SS character. SS was a terribly influential show for me. I’ve been known to watch snippets of it here and there when channel surfing, but it’s not the same anymore by a long shot.

  4. Amen Maikopunk. They lion: Metro told me there is no cookie monster anymore. He’s the Fruit and Veg Monster now. That is a conversion the world just did not need. Bonus: search this blog for C for Cookie, the Sesame Street spoof of V for Vendetta.

    The count so totally rocks. I can still raise a laugh at a party by saying “I see two, ah ah, two people who’ve had enough gin.”

    Elmo is the antichrist, at least we’re agreed on that.

  5. no more cookie monster? [sits, stares blankly at monitor for next six hours.]

    i don’t know what to say. it is as if a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced.

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  7. Well the jury’s still out on whether he’s actually sticking to his diet. But healthy or not, he’s still right up there, and, I think, slightly cooler than the Count.

    My rave fave Cookie moment was his appearance as “Alistair Cookie” of Monsterpiece Theatre, introducing “Me Claudius”. I was in my twenties and damn near choked to death on my pizza from laughing.

    My favourite character on Sesame Street though, when I was actually the age of the viewing audience, was Sam the Robot. Most people have long forgotten him. “Machines never make mistakes”, indeed.

    Oh man! Found a video! I haven’t seen him in over years!

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