celebrity deathmatch: Trent Reznor vs Puff Daddy


4 thoughts on “celebrity deathmatch: Trent Reznor vs Puff Daddy

  1. I am a pretty hate machine indeed.
    Great stuff….made me cackle gleefully like one of those monkey’s or something.
    (Although I would like to raise the contention that several people have already straddled that gap between rock and rap, and its been being done for years…but I guess that’s why I rarely get my music criticism from MTV owned plasticene commentators…but then…I can be funny like that).
    Anyway, me like.

  2. Only normally ruining it. I mean…RIght…so sampling’s fine in my book…you can make great tracks out of something…but the one that sampled (and just wholesale ripped off) the song about the stalker by whoever that was removed the best musical element (and ignored the stalking/love subtext in favour of psuedo religious tripe) which was the really dark minor chord during the chorus. Just suck out the only thing that makes that song any good (I’m not a big fan).
    Just thinking about me has got me wound up.

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