the infamous exploding whale video

You know you want to watch it again! It blowed up so good it got its own commemorative website! Ellee‘s right, someone should remix this to disco or Disney tunes. Paging Moby the infamous exploding whale video

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20 thoughts on “the infamous exploding whale video

  1. Wow, that’s just not something you hear very often, I must say. Have you enquired about whale control options?
    I thought all Canadians enjoyed watching things blow up real good.

  2. Sehr geEhrte Regen-Coaster

    Ex America semper aliquid novi

    Guido’s rather erudite Kommenters (eg Meneer Gisoad or Herr Dr Prawn Crackers) would not only translate this more accurately but would presumably tell us where this is being mis-quoted from

    but it means something almost like :

    Always something Funny (ie PeKuliar) from the United States

    I have the honour to remain your obedeint servant and

    Tot siens

    G Eagle

  3. I’ve not seen that before. I can’t believe that nobody actually saw it coming. I really can’t believe nobody thought ‘Hey…doesn’t stuff kind of fly around randomly when you blow it up. I just wished there was a comedy reaction shot of all the impressed onlookers getting splattered with rotten whale meat (the kind you’d get in a ‘teen gross out’ flick…you know..the pinnacle of Yankee culture….Okay, I’m lying, in fact the pinnacle of all human achievement is Back to the Future Part 2…but lets not get in to that.)
    Anyway, reminds me of a story my brother told me (he works for a large company that remains unnamed that design fire safety systems. Out of me and my siblings he’s the one with the brains and the well paid job). Anyway, so Bigger Bro is going on a ‘day out’ testing some of the more impressive fire safety things. This included demonstrating the methodology of putting out Grain Silo fires. These are big fucking fires. Really big, and hard to put out. Anyway, long story short, they put precisely located and co-ordinated charges at key points around the fire. They then detonate all of them simultaneously, producing a massive cloud of dust that essentially chokes the fire, starving it of Oxygen.
    Et Voila…no more fire.
    That’s right…sometimes you don’t just fight fire with fire…you fight fire with explosions.
    (hey hon, the silo’s on fire again’…’don’t worry dear, we’ll just have to blow it up like the last time’.
    Makes me laugh.
    Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend Moby…his stuff is mostly insipid trash…try Cornelius, he’s much more suited to fun and silliness. I’m trying to track down a sample of one particular track that uses loads of old Kid’s TV shows and adds a ridiculous breakbeat over the top. If I find it I’ll post a link.
    Post too long…sorry

  4. Yup..that’s the way to do it…I think its a great idea (though obviously you Canucks have more experience with this kind of thing than us stuffy city lovin Limeys).

    Anyway, I can’t find a lnk to a video with it anywhere anywhere (I feel like the internet has robbed me). The track is called Magoo Opening and is at least available backstage at Pandora as well as elsewhere. Sample is very short and cuts out just when you need it. Anyway, its on the album Fantasma. I shall try and buy it as soon as possible because I want to be able to DJ it if possible…it really is awesome fun, and basically it sounds like ‘disco or Disney tunes’ only both at the same time.

    Anyway, try and find it if you’s worth it.

  5. And somewhere out there an Inuit fellah is thinking: Whatta waste–those folks coulda fed their families for the winter just by bringing a few ziplock bags to the beach.

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  7. Sehr geEhrte Regen=Coaster

    These explosion-loving Americans have now given Tree Octopodia a taste for raw meat

    What will these Greedy, Tree-Lurking Molluscs turn to when the blubber runs out ?

    Monsieur Metro is building his ecologically-visionary 4,000 Pink-Stuccoed Luxury Houses for the Tree Octopus Park

    Will these Intelligent 8-armed Creatures turn to the massively increased blubber-supply, brought in as highly paid Wardens to run it and Generously=Dimensioned American Tourists (Canuckistanis are of course too thin & svelte for these Octopodia)

    Your obedient servant etc

    G E

  8. What the hell kind of Tree Octopi do you have over in Blighty? ALL Cascadian Tree Octopi are carnivorous, which is one reason Gore-Tex was developed; their suckers are unable to stick to the surface. Canadians never go anywhere in the rainforest without it.

    Also, they are repelled by the sight of cargo shorts and Tilley hats. They and all prospective sexual partners.

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