Heidi Fleiss fails to pimp bigly

Remember me?

It’s true. Heidi Fleiss does not know how to turn it out. The former leading madam of Hollywood is a dreadful marketer.

Heidi Fleiss cannot pander.

Despite the frenzy of headlines that resulted from news (from the horse’s ass’s mouth) that Mike Tyson would be joining her Daniel Libeskind-designed stud farm in the Nevada desert, today Heidi Fleiss revealed that the mansion of manliness will be doing without his cannibalistic presence.

Helluva lot she knows about marketing.

Seriously, honey. When a story about a potential employee drives the blogosphere into a perfect storm of fetishistic repulsion and attraction, and you are a madam looking for publicity for your new venture featuring exotic men for rent, what you have is not a damage-control situation calling for denials.

What you have is a gift from god.

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