the most improbable meme in the world soldiers on


From raincoaster to Archie…from Archie to Metro…the madness marches, tagless. Is there no end to this insanity? No abbreviation of this alliteration? Nay, not so but constant consonance.

SriusLEE, had I known Metro‘s favorite Shakespearian play was Macbeth, I’d have hesitated longer before accepting his hospitality. Truly, Lord and Lady Macbeth stand as a shining and eternal example of all that a host and hostess should not be. But I went anyway: if he’d only told me they had no gin, that woulda been a dealbreaker.

A sliver of MacMetro‘s elegant, piercing, and tearjerking, if unhyperlinked, contribution:

Is this a blogger that I see before me,
The keyboard t’wards mine hands? Ah, now I click thee.
I posted thee, and yet I see thee still,
Art thou froze, lousy server? Not sensible
To mine heart’s broken cries? Or is this but
A pausing at the node, a short delay?
Originating from the crowded cable?
I see thee yet, in form the same
As t’other window that I now do open.
Thou mock’st my labours of an hour ago,
And the environment I blog in.
Mine fingers drum upon the veneer’d desktop
But answer comes there none, I see thee still,
Thy circling logo saith “‘Tis being published”
Yet ’tis not so, I trow. There’s no such thing!
It is the fruit of hours that hath gone
From my account.

Of course, it’s his own fault for not being on WordPress.

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