yes, it’s back: Fashion Week Tehran!

Fashion Week Tehran!Try to contain your excitement. Or, if you can’t contain it, hide it under one of these: you could probably hide the complete works of Rumi plus a couple of dervishes (dervishii?) under there with room to spare.

From the Manolo, who makes a delightfully obscure and intellectual reference in his brief commentary, keeping up the standards of Intellectual Day on the ol’ raincoaster blog.

But seriously, there’s just no excuse for that seam!

11 thoughts on “yes, it’s back: Fashion Week Tehran!

  1. I invite you to take a look at these beautiful collections by these creative Middle Eastern clothes designers:

    Basil Soda

    Elie Saab

    Rami Al-Ali

    Robert Abi Nader

    Bear in mind that although Muslim women must dress modestly in public, there is nothing that says they cannot and do not enjoy haute couture.

    According to this article, Veil Aside, Arab Women eye… “…..The conservative Muslim region may not conjure up images of high fashion, but with petrodollars plentiful and tastes lavish, it is a growing market for luxury European designers.”

  2. Thanks for the links! I know that women have, and exercise, a lot of choice in what they wear underneath. My mother lived in Riyadh for two years; she told me she never saw so much Chanel in her life! They wear the most amazing clothes under the habayas. But there is no excuse for the one as dumpy as the one in this photo: it’s even badly sewn! The third one on Manolo’s site is pretty, though, but I would think it legally marginal for showing off the waist.

    Metro, you’ve obviously never been in Dubai in the summer.

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