a lucrative sideline…

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That's a nice crop, Joe. Be a shame for something to happen to it...Lucrative. Outdoorsy. Bizarre. Potentially fatal. I tell you, this has me written all over it. I wonder if Crimestoppers pays by the bale or by the grow-op when you turn them in…

I’m just sayin’…one might run into such things from time to time on one’s travels. And one must think of the future. A future, perhaps, under an assumed name, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first nor for the last time for lil’ ol’ raincoaster here, as you can probably imagine.

Again, there exists the distinct possibility that the grow-ops, knowing on which side their bread was hemp-nut-spreadded, would pay one to keep such information to one’s self. And the fact that, should one take such money with every intention of turning them in anyway and should one thereafter actually do so, there would be, insofar as I can see, no law whatsoever that would compel one to give that money back. I mean, they can hardly claim under contract law for an illegal action: and I, I mean “one,” couldn’t be charged with blackmail if one never intended to keep the secret. One would, obviously, be guilty of lying to pot gangsters but while this is indeed stupid, I do not see that it is actually illegal. It’s not like they’re airline security monkeys.                    

How much…?  

5 thoughts on “a lucrative sideline…

  1. Whatever you charge, you obviously have kept in mind the fact that deflation has been making it nearly certain a hit person will be cheaper.

  2. I’ve got a hit person who’s already given me a “gift certificate” actually. I get one whack free. So in that, I’m actually ahead of the gangsters. Besides, where I live is already a fortress. It’s doubtful anything short of a helicopter team could break in here.

    Haven’t read JPod, but it’s on the list. Right now I’m working my way through Augusten Burroughs’s stuff. But there used to be a bakery on the Drive that sold pot brownies, and within a few blocks of my house is a shop that sells nothing but psychoactive plants. Morning glory seeds, peyote, you name it. All perfectly legal.

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