Anna Nicole Smith’s finest moment

Seriously, what did you think she was famous for? Listen to these fans scream: they would cheer on a trainwreck if it wore a really trashy dress. As Nietzsche  says, when we cease to worship the old gods they die, and whatever we do worship becomes the new god.

Is this enlightenment? Anna Nicole Smith’s finest moment
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18 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith’s finest moment

  1. The best golddigger, but like all train wrecks, she didn’t have much time to enjoy the gold. I don’t know what’s sadder, that the fantasy machine that is the NA media (& public) made this vapid whore into a star, or that no one seems to be actually grieving.

    I’ll stick with my life of no fame, no adulation, but true accomplishments in career and love.

  2. To grieve you have to lose someone you loved, and the only people who loved her were her own kids, one of whom she killed with her own drugs, the other she left addicted and probably impaired for life.

  3. Dear Lori

    Perhaps I’ve been readng too much John Donne, who puts these things so well – I am sorry that this rather pathetic, sad Lady is (as Botswanans would put it) now late

    Every man’s (& woman’s) death diminishes me

    but I would accept your Bargain with Life

    How different her Life might have been if she had been loved (& loved) the right man

    Yr obedt servt etc

    G Eagle

  4. Would it have been different? I don’t know about that. She was a hedonist, unapologetically, and the live fast, die young and leave a pretty corpse thing has its appeal. While I’m sure she didn’t want to die particularly, she made it clear from the time she was small that she didn’t want to live without drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and lots and lots of money. She got everything she wanted out of life. Everything.

    We live for just these twenty years till we have to die for the fifty more…well, if you’ve got a good surgeon like hers, you can live for 39 years.

  5. All the best bits will still be around in another century or so anyway.

    @Mme Metro: Does my longing for a vapid, orgiastic life of shallow, dangerous amusement and a nasty, public series of affairs shortly before my death, and the litany of law-and-paternity suits sure to result mean that we have to argue for custody of the housemaid?

    If these are the new gods–Cthulhu eat me!

  6. You don’t know as much as you should about the new gods if you think asking Cthulhu to go down on you would make him nicer to you. At least buy him a drink first, ya white trash!

  7. Oh–Raincoaster. Didn’t see you there.

    Though by the smell you’re still rubbing crab into private crevices in the hope of attracting probing tentacles. You should really give over that, eh?

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