now it can be told: Howard K Stern admits his sperm is useless

Gleesome Threesome?and Larry Birkhead‘s is better.

Howard K. Stern has reportedly admitted he’s not the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn and is now willing to sign over the paternity rights to the man who believes he is the baby’s real dad, Larry Birkhead for the right price.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a full-service lawyer. Not only will he be your beard, your bagman, and your drug runner, but he’ll also park custody of your kid until such time as the economics of the situation have been resolved to his professional satisfaction.

I do not know and can not say whether Howard K Stern and Anna Nicole Smith ever had sex, but I think we can all agree that he has certainly fucked Larry and Dannielynn over royally.

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28 thoughts on “now it can be told: Howard K Stern admits his sperm is useless

  1. A note to Court TV forum readers: if you’re not smart enough to figure out whether or not I’m joking, perhaps you shouldn’t wander around the blogosphere unaccompanied. The original source of the information is in the link, and what they said there is summarized in the blockquote.

    All the smartass remarks are mine and I stand by them.

  2. If Howard becomes a suspect, and it looks like he will be, how long do you think it will take for the police to make an arrest? Will Anna’s doctors who gave her the illegal drugs be arrested too? Do you think Howard will make a run for it?

  3. Methadone’s not illegal; it’s quite common, in fact. And Howard, as I understand it, is in Barbados, which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US, so you could say he already IS on the run.

  4. I always thought it would be Birkhead…or some bellboy at the Hard Rock Hotel. Daniel himself said to Stern, “You’ve been around my mother for twelve years and you’ve never had any pussy,” which sort of made me love him.

  5. Ok listen up… I am saying this for all of you… DO NOT make any slanderous comments the whole world is against one man with a women who was a troubled person all of her life even when he was not even in her life. Ever thought about that? I feel sorry for those making fun of this situation i am sure you would not like your life story blasted all over the internet and I really hope HKS will persue anyone i mean anyone that accuses him of wrong doing there are 2 sides to a story not 1 side these people are adults.. PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO THINK BEFORE YOU ACCUSE

  6. Gofuckyerseff.

    If I clawed my way to fame like lil’ Vicky Lynn I would be desperate for people to discuss my life on the Internet, as she WAS. And if I were a greedy lawyer with a shot at the main chance, I’d be Howard K. Stern.

    I did think about this before I accused, and I stand by my accusations: Anna Nicole Smith was a sad, desperate junkie who helped her son on his way to death by overdose before going out the same way. Howard K. Stern is a greedy, scrabbling desperado and liar who would, apparently, hold a baby hostage for money.

  7. Howard is a kind and amazing guy that would walk all over the ends of the earth for his sweet Anna. If there is one person that sould benefit ffrom her death, it should be Howard monetarily. He was with her for more than 12-years, and worked with her for free. The guy had class but was just so madly in love with this woman he wished could be his. Finally, this moment happened and she left him on earth all alone. I love you, Howard….I hope you will find someone that will love you more than the amount of love you had for Anna.

  8. Howard lived of Anna for 12 years, and she kept him supplied with all his needs, except the big “p”. Do you know what you call a man who lives off a woman? In my opinion when all the dust settles, we will find that Howard has ciphoned all of Anna’s liquid assets through “Hot Smoochie Lips” into some offshore bank account, and Dannielynn is left with nothing. Come on, the man didn’t deign to pay the taxes on the corporation! I believe Howard had something directly to do with Daniel’s death, and there are witnesses who know it; that’s why he doesn’t want this inquest to go forward in my opinion. I also believe he was indirectly responsible for Anna’s death. I believe she was not intended to die in the hotel, but on the boat, in international waters, on the way back to the Bahamas, where she and the drugs could never be recovered. This is just my opinion, but you know what?…..I sleep good at night.


  10. O GO GET A LIFE YOU SAD ALL-CAPS person. Jesus, as if Howard K. Stern gives a rat’s ass about you. He kidnapped a little baby and held her for ransom when he knew quite well he had no right to her; where I come from, we call those felonies.

  11. Howard K.Stern didn’t kill/hurt/kidnap anybody.He is a free man, totally cleared and exonerated.People who lied about Howard and his family will pay for their wrongdoings.Anna Nicole or VICKIE was stupid, vulgar woman who destroyed Howard K Stern and his family.She brought pain and misery to Howard.I hope Howard will forget this nasty scandal and move on with his life.He deserved it!

  12. It’s kind of you to heap abuse on the dead mother of two children, while coming to the aid of a known perjurer and multi-millionaire who attempted to kidnap a child for money. I’m sure he feels very, very grateful to people like you.

    You are, of course, correct when you say of all the suffering he’s gone through that he deserved it.

  13. Birkhead used and abused Anna Nicole, he wanted money and he got it.He ‘introduced’ Anna Nicole to rich businessman G.B Thompson.He had dirty tapes and photos of Anna Nicole, he blackmailed her.Anna didn’t leave Birkhead because he didn’t buy her a pair of sunglasses, that was stupid and lame excuse.But it’s too late for the truth. Birkhead is rich, popular socialite and he can ‘buy’ anybody.

  14. Excuse me…. Your site has posted a comment from someone who is posing as me (Kimberly Santy, LA). I would never comment on Anna, Larry, or Howard ever, so if you would be so kind as to remove the comment I would appreciate it.

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