300 spoofs!

Say hello to the world’s crabbiest geography teacher:

This! Is! Spartaaaaaaaa! 

 And a new meme is born.

Thanks to engtech for these: a thread consisting of nothing but dozens upon dozens of joke 300 images. You’d think the man would have something better to do than feed my obsession, but apparently not. We could all learn from his example.

Xerxes is big pimpin'

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10 thoughts on “300 spoofs!

  1. He’s got a crush on you. I’m so turned on. No, not by Engtech, by that nutty professor. Hell, if half of my teachers even looked that interesting, I would’ve skipped pot breaks.

  2. Seen it yet? Do NOT delay, salivate today. This is a must-see, must-own movie. I’m going to buy the book tomorrow just because it reminds me of all the gorgeous men in the movie. Oh, okay, I was always going to buy the book anyway, but now it’ll have pleasant associations instead of just transparent propaganda.

  3. Rain, I have not. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps I want to view it in the privacy of my own home. Although I have the perfect opportunity to see it in hits full glory right across the street from my apartment, where it plays virtually non stop in a stadium style theater with some of the best damn popcorn I’ve ever tasted.

    I think I’m waiting for my son to come visit. Then we shall go together so he can see what it’s like to be a man!

  4. I thought you were a size queen. GO SEE IT ON THE BIG SCREEN. There is nothing quite like 300 mostly-nekkid, perfect men getting all sweaty and macho together, projected on a screen twice the size of an apartment. I’m telling you, it’s a seven-orgasm movie.

    Also, you have a son? How cool…except don’t take him if he’s between six and seven.

  5. Ooops, that was a slip. I never talk about him [my online policy]. But since we are on the subject – no, he is sixteen!

    Today is the Old Man’s birthday. Maybe we’ll see it together tonight. A little bit of fluffin’ never hurts lol

  6. Everybody I know seems to have a son they don’t talk about online. It’s a good policy.

    Yes, definitely take the Old Man to this movie. Tell him to think of it as priming the pump, so to speak.

  7. Yeah, I want to want to traumatize the boy by Jerry Springerin’ his life on the blogosphere. Bad enough he knows mommy keeps one, now as to where the address is, that’s got to be kept under wraps! (Mommy has an image to keep up in front of him, essentially pulling the wool over his eyes for the time being).

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