beaver shots: hairy robot beaver!

As you all know, we at the ol’ raincoaster blog pride ourselves on service journalism, particularly along the beaver lines, and this should service you right up. This incredible furry cyborg beaver is so hot it would make anyone feel inadequate. I mean, check it out:

Intel Core 2 Duo processor – T7200 2.00 GHz 667 4MB 1.0375–1.3V
160G Hard drive – laptop drive
Motherboard: AOpen Mini ITX A-I945GTT-VFA (RoHS) with external power supply
Panasonic UJ-85J 8X Slim DVD Burner
Tornado 80mm fan – ACCES FAN|80X38 3/4PTD8038H VTTD RT

She said “laptop.” Heh, heh. “External power supply” eh? Yeah, that’s probably just a coded expression for “secretly fucking the boss.” Like, if she talked him into buying Microsoft products.

Oh hey, I think we may have figured out who the manufacturer is. Like I said, this thing is intimidating! It would make anybody go micr…well, never mind.

Pictures and a 40-pic slideshow of the naked computerized beaver over the jump. Brace yourself; it’s hairy! Thanks to judyb12 for passing along this little gem.

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and here’s a 40-pic Slideshow of The Making of Compubeaver

32 thoughts on “beaver shots: hairy robot beaver!

  1. I feel dirty now.

    [Say what is up with the other blog I tried to say something nice to the AZ person and ended up through a looking glass into another dimension.]

  2. I feel I have just CSI’ed my way through something exceedingly naughty.

    Oh yes, I am still alive and if I was in full blog-gigilo mode I would steal this for my blog! I’ll be back fully in another couple of weeks.

  3. How do we work Schroedinger’s Cat into this? We may have a winner, or at least a Saturday morning cartoon show.

    Max, don’t worry about it; it was a true misunderstanding and I expect we can just move on now.

    Archie, welcome back. You were missed. Also, don’t you love the layout of this thing? It’s really intuitive what you touch to turn it on.

  4. The “frontier” part of “Frontier Former Editor” is taking on a whole new meaning here. You are Davey Crockett, right?

  5. Isn’t eating squirrel impractical? You would burn off more calories just catching a squirrel than you would get back eating it. Also squirrels know karate.

  6. I favour the Tom Lehrer pidgeon approach:

    When they see us coming, the birdies all try and hide
    But they still go for peanuts, when coated with cyan-hide

    Requires less energy, and the end product is as edible as ever.

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