guess what time it is!

periods are fun! Yay!

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31 thoughts on “guess what time it is!

  1. WHERE on Earth do you find this stuff?!? I don’t know if I should be amazed at your antennae for weirdness, grossed out at the imagery, or weirdly pleased that (what I’m assuming is) a girl reaching menarche is celebrated in such a super-heroine fashion…

  2. Public Service Announcement, indeed. My apologies if this is a gurlz-only post.

    The More You Know…like, what are the little ghosty things for?

  3. Those, Curtis, are anime tampons.

    Lori, how can anyone like the Powerpuff Girls and not like this? It’s what they’re going to be in, like, five years.

  4. Aw, why is everyone hatin’ on the pic? It’s pretty! It’s all empowering-like! It’s certainly no less icky (when you think about the symbolism) than a Dodge Viper.

  5. Actually, it’s not conscious payback, but my unconscious works in mysterious ways.

    As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it; I stole it from Gawker, as you can see if you click on it. No idea where they got it from; they didn’t credit it, strangely.

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  7. They stoled it from magical designer Mari-chan who was born in 1977 in Osaka. They kinda half-credited it at the end of the article, in case you were wondering about my uncanny research skills and/or knowledge of Japanese art.

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  9. You heartless crew of vultures! Those faces are the faces of the hundreds of what The General would call Ovum-Americans (though in context I suppose they would have to be blastocyst-potential-terrorists)!

    Still …

    How can you not leap into action and stop this Cotton Holocaust!

    Or perhaps they are the demons that infest a woman’s womanly parts? In which case an exrcism and ligation are surely required, for the welfare of this innocent child.

  10. Those are not ovum-Americans. They are bloodcell-Americans. The ovum would have long since departed.

    I didn’t see the image credit before, thanks for the update. Finally, happy, edgy anime!

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