What time is it? Not Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

That’s for goddam sure.

So. It’s that time again.

Yay, periods are fun!

What do I want? These:

Meat. Mmmmmm, meat!

Meat is murder


Coffee, the OTHER Vitamin C


Prada Sandals

What do I got?

  • dried pasta
  • a bag of chop suey vegetables
  • a half a container of 2% yogurt
  • a small tub of baby greens that was going off
  • a lemon and a half
  • one head of garlic
  • a jar of Ragu tomato sauce
  • coffee
  • twenty-five packets of artificial sweetener
  • a VHS tape of Walk on the Moon
  • a pair of seven year old Hi Tec trail runners.

It’s going to be a loooooong weekend.

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17 thoughts on “What time is it? Not Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

  1. I LOVE these photos, and the shoes are gorgeous. If I had them though, I’d sell them on eBay for meat and wine money. Poverty sucks.

    (I just noticed that I’m on your blogroll– thanks for the add!)

  2. and Viggo would make it all go away.

    you could do without the rest and still have a stupid grin on your face and think the world wonderful..


  3. Stephen Dorff got his period in Blade and I didn’t see it? Now you know how we feel every 28 days.

    And yes, all we need is Viggo. With a going rate of five million a movie he can buy us a lot of the rest of those things.

  4. Well, at least coffee is on both your lists, right? I know it doesn’t quite measure up to all the various other tasty bits on your “want” list, though.

  5. Yes, and I’ve had two. Good thing, too, because the Firemen were just here. Too bad I didn’t have the wine, though: I could have invited the cute one in for a drink.

  6. Raincoaster, come spend a few days in my guest bedroom where I will spoil you rotten. I cannot promise you the shoes or Viggo (btw, what size is your foot?) but I’ll deliver you one hell of a steak dinner, a damn good bottle of wine, and gourmet chocolates. Oh, and freshly ground coffee in the morning.

    Hell, I’ll even lend you my deliciously scented and blissfully aromatic soaking salts. You’ll live like a queen at Maison Stiletto’s!

    Plus I’ve got a decently stocked liquor cabinet you can raid!

  7. 71/2 wide. Steak, chocolate and wine? And bath salts? AND booze? See, now, that’s my idea of Heaven. I must get to work on that plan for crossing the Rio St. Lawrence in the middle of the night. Just call me “Flannelback.”

    Besides, something tells me Viggo will be headed to Washington in the non-distant future. He’s all political-like.

    And yes, cycles synchronize. Your body must have detected that I’d hotlinked the wine bottle and started the hormones going.

  8. I find that top picture strangely fascinating.

    And the second to last pic, well, not so strangely fascinating.

    Hi. I’m still among the living. hee hee

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