Lucy Liu attacked!

Lucy Liu attacked by a school of horny cuttlefish!

Lucy Liu and the Horny Cuttlefish of Doom

It gets worse.

Lucy Liu and the Horny Cuttlefish of Doom, back attack

Yes, showbusiness is a sordid, gilded ghetto. Behind the flashbulbs and the awards, behind the makeup and the costumes, lies an ugly truth.

The Casting Aquarium.

Even Lucy Liu, the lovely and talented star of the Charlie’s Angels chick action flicks, cannot escape its greedy clutches. Smiling bravely for the paparazzi despite the slimy embrace of a school of hormone-crazed cuttlefish, she personifies what must be suffered in silence inthe unspoken struggle for stardom.

In what used to be known as a “Faustian Bargain” and is now called “a personal contract with Harvey,” comely starlets are subjecting themselves to the embrace of repellent, corpulent invertebrates from under the sea. As for what their agents can do about it…why don’t you ask this young woman:

Why is this file entitled Dating?

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