What time is it? Not Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

That’s for goddam sure.

So. It’s that time again.

Yay, periods are fun!

What do I want? These:

Meat. Mmmmmm, meat!

Meat is murder


Coffee, the OTHER Vitamin C


Prada Sandals

What do I got?

  • dried pasta
  • a bag of chop suey vegetables
  • a half a container of 2% yogurt
  • a small tub of baby greens that was going off
  • a lemon and a half
  • one head of garlic
  • a jar of Ragu tomato sauce
  • coffee
  • twenty-five packets of artificial sweetener
  • a VHS tape of Walk on the Moon
  • a pair of seven year old Hi Tec trail runners.

It’s going to be a loooooong weekend.

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the saddest thing you will ever see

No, really. Forget bunny suicides: this is the sickest, most heart-rending video to ever rape innocent eyes. Turn away now if your heart is made of less than granite; this will be too much to endure. A madly poetic, tension-filled musical Petit Guignol, this just may be the most disturbing thing you will ever see.

hat-tip to MistressCowfish at CelebratingTheAbsurd

‘Chocolade haas’ is an episode from the preschool art project
‘Big Art For Little People’, made by Lernert Engelberts en Sander Plug,
The series is produced by Cut-n-Paste for KRO Youth,
in association with Dutch Culture Fund (Stifo).

quiz: what kind of candy are you?

What does it mean that I’m a kind of candy you can’t get in my country? I’d rather be something nice and Canadian, like Maple Toffee or something.


They call you sticky fingers for a reason!

What Kind of Candy Are You?

Season of the Witch

The firecrackers have started in Chinatown and the first of the Skytrain costume parties is over. The stores are decked in a crazy clashing kaliedoscope of pumpkin orange, black, red, and green as Christmas tries to force its way through the doors before all passengers have disembarked, the passenger in question being Halloween.

Here is something to make the moments go a little faster. The moments until you can declare all the candy in your house “leftovers” and gobble those little Snickers bars as fast as your paws can peel them.

The Club Mix of Season of the Witch, by Eartha Kitt.
Fabulous visuals by Queerty (via Defamer)

Can you name them all?

Neopagan flames in the comment section, please. But be warned: I’ve actually read Margaret Murray’s The Witch Cult in Western Europe. Bring your game, people!

Truffle molestor caught brown-handed

Hand Dipped ChocolatesIn shocking news from exotic Nottingham, we have learned that a disgruntled and highly competitive chocolatier has attacked and “inappropriately handled” the truffles of his competition.

Lynn Cunningham from Hotel Chocolat said: “It was quite extraordinary really.

“The staff observed Mr Colenso handling a number of truffles in a way that made them suspicious.

“When we checked the truffles later they had been squashed and damaged.”

She said Hotel Chocolat was told by Thorntons that Mr Colenso had “handled the truffles inappropriately“.

“We just want to move on now,” she said.

Let the healing process begin.

Remember, one should always be careful about letting one’s competitors finger one’s truffles.