Operation Global Media Domination: The Viggo’s Lovelife Situation

Viggo, yo!

2.0. For 1.0, see here.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have done it. I have broken CNN. As of two days ago, when you use the CNN Search the Web function for the scholarly term “Viggo Women Friends” my blog is the #1 search result.

And for damn good reason. Yew betcha.

Now, if someone could only tip him off… he’s about three years late and his mate is getting cold… did I say “mate?” Why, I meant “yerba mate” of course!

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11 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: The Viggo’s Lovelife Situation

  1. In a perfect world, all men would look exactly like him.

    Unfortunatly all men are the same and just look different so we can tell them apart.

    Alas, would be best to all look like Viggo, and BE different from each other… so us ladies can tell them apart.

    Rain I have come across a site with no advertising, cursing or flame wars that is for men discussing long hair. Their long hair. They post their photos and it’s a serious site. Maybe …well definitely… I am getting old, but this somehow tur… well, you know.

    Ladies are welcome and all are to mind their manners. I read the about/faq thingy. http://www.mlhh.org/ I luv long hair on a man. Well, I love no hair too so go figure.

  2. That’s hilarious. A friend of mine’s brother grew his hair long and we spent a whole afternoon giving him tips. He was like: “Men’s magazines don’t talk about this stuff! Girls get all that information! It’s sexism!” and I suppose he had a point.

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