Operation Global Media Domination: Viggo Women Friends!


Apparently, when you do a search on CNN.com for “Viggo women friends” my blog is on the first page of the results.

Now, while we have been known to let the odd Viggo pearl drop around these parts (mostly they’re mopped up with kleenex, actually), we would like to say that as far as this goes, Viggo and I are just good friends. There is no further comment at this time.

31 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: Viggo Women Friends!

  1. I have no idea what you see in this chap – you would make a great sister! We would never ever fight over men :-))

  2. First time I’ve laughed out loud in a week – excellent!!

    Viggo was miscast as Aragorn, it should have been Sean Bean for all the obvious reasons, including the picture.

    Picture? You mean you think such a weedy bloke with a nasally whiney voice like that could possibly compete with this and this??

  3. Oh ok I put it on invitation only cause I’m not feeling too well at the mo. Hope you’re not feeling too bad yourself after your ordeal – I think you taught them a lesson though, respect! Get well soon x

  4. I hear you want him in your stockings this Christmas. I’ll be settin’ down to some serious letter writing on your behalf (well that or getting Santa snockered and seeing what I can get out of him to keep quiet.)

    Thanks for the always available help!

  5. “Jeez you guys are mean. That little boy is going to lose his baby fat and grow up into a real handsome man. You watch.”

    Yup. Especially since Viggo was taken to court by his ex wife because she felt their son needed $18,000 per month. Not sure what happened with that but if it was granted it could sure pay for a whole lot of “work” if you know what I mean.

  6. What happened was this: they dropped the action, because it got out and the paps started hanging around asking questions. I imagine they made a private settlement somewhere in that vicinity. Henry went to an expensive school, I know that. I also know that Exene, of all people, was the school librarian; shows you what a liberal school it must have been.

    I do think Henry has beautiful eyes, but yeah, not turning out so well, all things considered. still prettier than his mom, though.

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