I got a Valentine!

I know, that title is a thrill a minute, isn’t it? But still, I’m very excited.

This is the first Valentine I’ve gotten from someone who isn’t a married man this century!

raincoaster's valentine from sulz

sulz over at Bloggerdygook made me my very own, hand-written Valentine, accessorized with a lovely bulldozer! And one notes, one does, that in the first draft, she’d neglected a prime blog-pimping opportunity. No doubt inspired by my example, this oversight was immediately corrected and replaced with the above, blog-pimpatory, improvement.

This is part of the massive Hand-Written Valentine project, whose object frankly puzzles us, for lo, we are far too lazy to do anything of the kind if there’s no free Macbook Air, Urban Fare credit card, or black opal bracelet at the end of it.

I want to send you a handwritten, personalised message! I shall write you a special message on a piece of paper (or not? Hehe), take a photo of it, then upload it to one of my posts during the month of February 2008.

Why would you want a handwritten valentine from me?

1. You can have a look at my handwriting. I think handwriting is something very personal, especially in this age of technology! And my handwriting is not consistent, never the same twice!
2. You can receive a personalised message from me. Just for you. Nobody else. How special is that!
3. It will totally make your day. It has to, otherwise I’d be very upset. (

If you want to put the poor girl to work again, toiling into the wee hours, feverishly pumping out personalized calligraphic meisterwerk after personalized calligraphic meisterwerk, it’s your conscience, not mine. Pop over to Bloggerdygook and leave her a request in the comments section.

I got mine. Now you get yours.

hot links, hot links. what can I say? I never learn

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25 thoughts on “I got a Valentine!

  1. thanks for the plug! spread the love…

    and if you read the comments in that post, everybody loves that truck! or bulldozer. whatever.

  2. Tumblr blogs are meant to be scrapbook blogs and aggregator blogs. When my blog here was adjusted by whomever so that the posts did not appear on the glogbal tag pages, even though there wasn’t a drop of adult content, I waited. Matt did state that he knew about the problem in sunburntkamel’s blog but nothing changed so I opened the tumblr blog.

    Now that the posts in onecoolsite are appearing in the wp.com global tag pages, I will wait. And, if that is not “adjusted” I can easily turn my tumblr blog into an aggreagtor blog.

  3. yes, I think Trent suggested I use mine for a link blog. But I’m SO BORED with link blogging, as I have to do one post every day, 15-20 links. Tumblr is fast, though, I’ll give it that. Fast and lobotomized.

  4. My blogging tips blog does not require comments. I have posted an email address and I have a contact form.

    You can do lots of scrapbook type stuff very easily with tumblr blogs. I’ve found lots of wordpress bloggers over there and I do expect to see more because the nature of blogging is changing. There’s more diversity when it comes to posting methods and I expect the demand for that portability to continue to increase.

    (1) Post text, photos, videos, quotes, and links from any web page in one click.
    (2) Upload MP3s just as easily as text and photos.
    (3) Post via Instant Messenger.
    (4) Post text, photos, and video from your phone.
    (5) Import feeds – update your tumblelog automatically, no matter where you post.
    (6) If you want to incorporate your tumblelog on a web page other than Tumblr, you can use the code provided to embed your posts as basic HTML that you can skin with CSS.
    (7) Custom domains.

  5. Seriously, you should come to Northern Voice on the Friday and give a Moose Camp talk about Tumblr. Nobody I’ve talked to really gets it and it looks like you’ve explored it quite thoroughly and have a good sense of what each platform excels in.

    I like the favicon. That’s really about it.

  6. sulz always comes up with cool ideas. She’s a community builder, who always remembers her readers and I really admire that.

    wow, that’s an awesome compliment, timethief. thank you!! *hugs*

  7. Do as I do: only go to places where you can stay with your blogfriends for free. Make as many blogfriends in really cool places as you can, so after one throws you out you’ve got another one.

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