because it worked so well with Mexico

Mission Accomplished-er

Looks like Mission Accomplished is about to get a bit more Accomplished-er as the US military force takes a page from the pornopropaganda piece 300 to bring peace to shattered and splintered Baghdad by…

building a big wall.

The US military is building a three-mile concrete wall in the centre of Baghdad along the most murderous faultline between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

The wall, which recognises the reality of the hardening sectarian divide in Baghdad, is a central part of George Bush‘s final push to pacify the capital. Work began on April 10 under cover of darkness and is due for completion by the end of the month.

The highly symbolic wall has evoked comparisons to the barriers dividing Protestants and Catholics in Belfast and Israelis and Palestinians along the length of the West Bank.

And, of course, East and West Germany. You know the Americans are proud of this initiative. That “work began under cover of darkness” thing might be significant…wait, where have we heard that before? Hmmm, what do you say? Sounds to me like the missing Berlin Wall might just be in the process of being “re-purposed.”

No word on whether they’re using Persians as mortar.

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12 thoughts on “because it worked so well with Mexico

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  2. Don’t forget Hadrian’s Wall and The Great Wall of China. Wall-building is always a good way to make an impression. Unless someone pulls it down, it will be there FOREVER and tourists can take pictures of it in decades to come!

    That’s the real reason they’re building it…

  3. The headline “Berlin to Baghdad via Israel” is begging to be written……a wall solves nothing, the only concern the Bush administration have in Iraq now is “who gets the blame for the mess?”

    They are doing the whole “we’ve done our job, it’s YOUR fault it’s failed” media kick, starting with the recent troop surge. Notice all the talking up of the Iraqi govt? All the “the Iraqi govt have to step up to the plate” and “we won’t help them forever, this is the last chance for the Iraqi govt” lines of attack?

    They KNOW Iraq has failed, they just don’t want the blame for it.

  4. This really took me by surprise, I was convinced that the idea had been to get Al Qaeda, along with the Baathists and Sunni extremists to fight Iranian backed Shiite hardliners. Hence our enemies concentrate on killing each other.

  5. I cannot imagine who thought this was a good idea, except maybe Haliburton just bought a concrete company or something. Obviously, they knew it was going to be contentious or they wouldn’t have done it in the middle of the night.

  6. It’s not simply a boundary cutting the city into separate pieces and a political hurdle I don’t think will ever be cleared, this is a psychological blow to the citizens of Baghdad. Any talk of reconciliation after separation by this physical wall is not only laughable but seriously bringing into question how schizophrenic Bush truly is because his views of reality do not mesh in any way, shape, or form.

  7. Lately they’ve been trying to get a general or someone to step up and be the “War Czar” to theoretically oversee all the wars they’re having. Job description: play fiddle while Rome burns?

    Jon Stewart’s take on this is too damn funny to miss. Watch the whole thing to spot the cornered, crazed, pathetic, lying despot.

    –Watch it at The Questionable Authority

  8. I love that they can’t get anyone to take the job. Sweet justice.

    Bush doesn’t have views; he has impulses. When Dick Cheney plays that accordion, he dances and he could not even tell you why.

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