internet dating for dogs

Dog. Duds. What's to explain? Except the psychology of the owner... 

No, I’m not going to tell you the way to happiness on Lavalife is to Photoshop your picture into something approximating Beckham/Beckinsale. I’m talking about real internet dating for actual, quadruped-type dogs.

Because in this world of ours, people just don’t live vicariously enough, dammit!

From the New Zealand Press, via Fark.

A new matchmaking service for dogs – and virtually every other kind of domesticated pet from apes to zebras – promises to facilitate the arduous and heartbreaking process of hounding for the perfect mate.

Petpalio. com is the brainchild of Aaron Rodrigues, a 17-year-old self-styled “student entrepreneur” from Auckland.

Rodrigues said he came up with the concept after an agonising search for a canine companion for his two-year-old bichon frise, Lasie

The website, launched just over a week ago, has attracted 40 eligible pets, mostly from the United States and the United Kingdom.

One wonders if this wonderkind had any idea what the Palio actually was before he named his site Pet Will registrants saddle up wee Fifi or Bowser and gallop madly around a town square in Italy, frantically lashing at the faces of the other jockeys, all for the glory of a neighborhood of which they have never heard, and which they will never be able to pronounce?

I’d pay to see that.

Actually, there’s a sadness underlying this story, an unspoken sadness. What he’s not saying is what everyone at the dog park knows: there’s a reason his precious Lasie is still heartbreakingly single.

Lasie‘s only interested in real bitches.

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24 thoughts on “internet dating for dogs

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  2. there are way too many cats on petpalio’s front page already. what is it with cats and the internet?

    maybe there should be a petpalio site just for cthulu…. I could be persuaded to subscribe to that

  3. This is actually NOT the first pet dating website “in the world”. Maybe in New Zealand. Here’s another one I found:

  4. Actually it IS the first pet dating website in the world. The other one was registered after I posted this!

    And very good, Metro. I see they have google where you live.

  5. My male chihuahua hopes that somewhere out there there will be a gorgeous female to mate with.

    Well done with this site

  6. we’re,
    looking for a cute 1 year old girl maltese,or maltepoo.
    its for my dog fluffy.

    P.S.: dont forget to make her cute!!!

    please & thank you.

    P.S.S.: fluffy’s waiting…

  7. We have a male maltese 1.5 years old, looking for a maltese female for him to date. Please…..he is waiting.

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