quiz: how much of a smartass are you?

Well this was a foregone conclusion.

How much of a smart @ss are you?

Your Result: Congrats!!


You are the biggest smart @ss around!!! Your @ss is so smart, it speaks on its own!!! You have reached full level of smart @ssness!!!I hope you feel proud! I know your family doesn’t…







a start.


How much of a smart @ss are you?
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21 thoughts on “quiz: how much of a smartass are you?

  1. Soembody needs to calibrate this quiz – it obviously doesn’t detect irony and backhandedness . . .

    How much of a smart @ss are you?
    Your Result: What?

    You call yourself a smart @ss? Your smart @ss level is too low to even be considered being a smart @ss. You really need to work on your smart @ss skills if you want to have a higher score

  2. Apparently I’m the biggest smart @ss around. So now what – some sort of tie-breaker based on the actual size of our @sses? In which case – I win! :)

  3. You are definettly a smart @ss!! Your only one level away from being the best smart @ss around! You love to show off your smart @ss talents to friends and family, and they are not as thrilled to hear them.You are the prince or princsess or smart @ss!!

    Whoever made this quiz can’t spell. Also I didn’t get a percentage so how did you?

  4. az, you haven’t seen the size of my ass. It may be large, but it’s perfectly formed!

    I can see all of these being pretty accurate. I should have been smart assier, but I’ve been in a good mood lately, so that skewed the result.

    I only got a percentage because I looked at the bar chart and estimated. The damn thing won’t display the bar graph fill when you paste it in here and I can’t figure out why.

  5. But you still don’t know the size of my ass. When Metro drove me to his desert hideout he took a car and a truck, but he put me in the truck: there’s a reason for it.

  6. Oh yeah? Well my @ss is so big that I’d need one of them U-Haul trailers specially designed for transporting horses (do I win?).

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