stop the clash of civilizations

5 thoughts on “stop the clash of civilizations

  1. I like this video, and I like its central message.

    My dad used to say that the trouble starts when we speak of “us” and “them”. I’m a big believer that there’s no justice, there’s just us.

    But I have to ask. Does the creator of this video mean that Al-Qaeda and similar organizations just want to get along in a democratic society?

    That Hamas would happily sit down with the Jewish state they want to see destroyed?

    The problem, alas, is not the 60% who want peace. It’s the 10% or 20% who want all-out war.

    But let this not deter us. If no-one tries anything different, nothing changes.

  2. I think what the creator of the video means is that we shouldn’t let Hamas or any Netanyahoo speak for us, but instead the people should rise up and demand what THEY want.

  3. This is what scares me, though – Instead of a major peaceful revolt against the scumbags at 1600 Penn. Ave and the RNC offices (and the DNC offices, for that matter) the American public tends just to tune them out or laugh at them instead of doing what needs to be done. Don’t think that a rally of tens of thousands of yelling, screaming, sign-bearing middle-class protesters around the White House and the Congress on a daily basis wouldn’t be a good start, but more is needed. I think that, if the American public truly stood up and demanded our leadership’s obedience to the Constitution, that alone would be a frightening prospect for the current administration and Congress.

    Oh, and disbarring every single Regent University law school grad for actual or potential legal incompetence based on Monica Goodling’s testimony this past week . . . .

  4. Think about this: the last effective nonviolent People Power revolution took place in Iran, and gave them the repressive theocracy that their current government is a step UP from. That is what the people wanted.

    The unbearable light of being…

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