zombie attack: emergency preparedness poster

Because hey, it happens. From MaxRadical.

zombie warning poster

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17 thoughts on “zombie attack: emergency preparedness poster

  1. The Apple store in San Fran was attacked by Zombies last week, too, and Burnaby has actually hosted a zombie mob or two. There is talk of doing Robson street next.

    I’m not going to Memphis: too much chance of an Elvis zombie, and those can scar you for life, especially if you lose the dance-off.

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  3. Improvised weapons? Anti-republican?

    I was going to say something nasty about you unarmed lefties until I realized that your front page supports the troops. It seems your hearts are in the right place there. I guess being an unarmed lefty is enough punishment.

  4. Unarmed? Baby, you REALLY want me to be unarmed. People like me are why God invented gun control. Metro wasn’t a bad sniper during his time in the forces. And my ex’s mother is the North American champion tomahawk thrower.

    May I refer you to our musical Canadian interlude, the middle song. “If I Had a Rocket Launcher.”

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