quiz: what are your odds of surviving a zombie apocalypse?

It’s best to know ahead of time and seek the proper training, don’t you think? One can’t be too careful when it comes to zombies.

Also, yes, I am being lazy today. After this past week, I have a gabillion things to catch up on so you shouldn’t expect anything original from me for a day or so. Quizzes, YouTubes, Random Thoughts. And Zombies. We’re all about the zombies lately.

zombie apocalypse

Stolen from OpenChannel in the comments on max’s celluloid blonde blog.

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21 thoughts on “quiz: what are your odds of surviving a zombie apocalypse?

  1. Damn. You have a 7% better chance than I do. ‘Course I have a 10% chance better than Open Channel. Doesn’t seem right, each successive person who picks up the quiz doing better than the last? By the time Archie gets it, he will have a 100% survival rate.

    That is it. I need more bear spray.

  2. I said I’d shoot my sister. Which I would, especially if she’s been pulling her “wear heels and stomp around above raincoaster’s bedroom” trick again.

    Seriously, I would wipe the floor with zombies. I’ve even seen Dead Alive twice! Lawnmowers and Aim for the Head and so on. I’ve done my research.

  3. Gaw, I’m too much of a wimp. And I don’t own any weapons. I said I’d run away from family members and hope they were slow. I also said I would make an effort to help strangers and try to find my family.

    I’m becoming selfless, damn, must be from living in Canada, land of the polite. (But at least the Canadian Zombies would ASK if they could bite you first. They didn’t take THAT into consideration)

  4. You know, you guys around here all talk about Canadians like they are super polite people. And on the blogs? Seriously they are. But my only contact with Canadians besides you guys and one personal friend was on websites where the Canadian girls were nice, but the guys? The guys would go out of their way to correct you, even if you were right in the first place and they had no idea what they were talking about, they would correct you. I had visions of poor Canadian girls on dates with the guys across the table going, You should really eat right handed, and you should be putting pepper on that not salt, and also there is a better way to fold your napkin in your lap, and really you orderred the wrong entree, and say that dress’s hemline is kind of off don’t you think, and that is the wrong shade of lipgloss and polish….

    Honestly, that is what I thought Canadians were like.

  5. Yes, a lot of Canadian men have this “I have to correct the little girl:” thing. It’s probably my #1 irritant with men. And I have friends like this, who do this and then when I give them what for say, “But why did you ask for my opinion?” to which I reply “I did not ask for your opinion, actually, and I’d appreciate it if you’d keep it to yourself in future if it is neither supportive nor constructive” to which they sulk. But at least they STFU.

    Only, I think, in shock that someone told them their opinion was unwanted. It’s sexism. And they don’t think so.

  6. Not long enough – most folks here would say “Hey y’all, watch this” and shoot cousin Billie Joe in the head, take a picture with the kill and send it to the local paper for the community section.

  7. Actually, it sounds like my maternal grandfather. Thank god my mother was born when he was ten months at sea! When my cousins act like rednecks, my sister and I just look at one another and say “we’re not related to that side of the family”.

  8. Did you hear about the hogzilla hoax? That 11 year old kid who shot the biggest boar on record…only it turned out they’d faked the photos, the pig was tame, and the kid shot it eight times at point-blank range and just waited for it to bleed out. This is what the gene pool needs less of.

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