the Bayeux Tapestry does YouTube

SO way classier than Debbie doing Dallas. But these guys didn’t take their boots off in the climactic scene either.

Dirty toenails: from porn stars to Norman invaders, an eternal shame.

This is actually a very clever animation of the historic and dignified (far too dignified for the likes of us, actually) Bayeux Tapestry (although not so historic as to not be up to date with, like, totally its own website if not a Flickr account), which documents the Norman Invasion in 1066, one of the few dates I remember from history (hell, I think my last date was in 1067) and my historic in and of itself attempt to get all the way through Will and Ariel Durant‘s entire output. I think they’re JK Rowling‘s ghostwriters nowadays, actually, at least it looks that way from the word count.

shamelessly pillaged from HopeEternal

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11 thoughts on “the Bayeux Tapestry does YouTube

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  2. Well done !!!

    Senlac Fields (or Hastings as the Saxons called it) must have been one of the most decisive battles in Western History, but it presumably involved less than 16,000 men

    The battle of Manzikert (1071) was similarly decisive – the Turks crushed an apparently superby Roman (Byzantine) Army & swept into Turkey, fatally weakening the Byzantine Empire (till then as wealthy comparatively as the USA is now) and making the Muslim/Turkish conqest of Syria/Egypt irreversible, despite the disgraceful counter-attacks by Western Europe’s Crusaders

    Yours ever

    G E

  3. Thanks for that. Now we know who to blame for Boris Johnson.

    Krak des Chevaliers is my favorite castle; it’s my understanding that it never fell, but rather that the country behind it did and the castle inhabitants decided just to wait until there was a regime change, living in splendid, if somewhat arid, isolation.

  4. Don’t be ashamed – the best things are often nicked from elsewhere! Didn’t recognise Gladiator but certainly Carmina Burana (the Old Spice advert for those old enough to remember) is in there. Some really clever things on YouTube, in among the rubbish.

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