today I am a woman

Although I feel more like a slug. Two Happy Birthday Martinis (okay, they were doubles, but still, Bombay Sapphire! None of this cheap stuff!) bought for me by Metro and Lori at a lovely pub on the lake, and two beers at the house, added to my increasingly elderly system (and by “increasingly elderly” I mean when I packed for this trip my supplements took up more space than my underwear; i b old, yo) meant that, while I unquestionably enjoyed my birthday, it essentially ended at nine pm, when I conked out.

I guess that’s what was behind my urge to get all Birthdaylicious for weeks in advance: the vague foreknowledge that I’d spend much of my actual birthday unconscious; so overall, there was conservation of Birthday Merriment, in accordance with the universal balancing forces.

That makes total sense.

For those of you with a mind for trivia, I am:

111.2 in Farenheit

317 in Kelvin

235 in human years

5.8 in dog years

Not that I am doglike in any sense of the word; no indeedy, unless you’re dyslexic.

24 thoughts on “today I am a woman

  1. Sounds like you had some fun at least.
    Conked out? ;)
    Load up on some B12 and call me in the morning.
    Happy Birthday, RC

  2. LOL at the supplements taking up so much room in your suitcase!
    I know the scenario!
    Never mind! You are keeping healthy that way!

  3. Yes, but unfortunately I’ve got a world-famous raw food chef and zealot staying with me. He firmly insists that if you eat properly you will never get sick and never die…but in fact he’s sick as a dog right now, and pretends he’s not. But I’m taking supplements and I’m not sick. I try not to lord it over him too much.

  4. Hey, since ze chef obviously knows the root of the unified field theory, perpetual motion and suspension of the laws of conservation of matter and energy, why hasn’t he applied for that Nobel Prize in Everything?

    Sorry, JavaScript is making me sick as a dog too . . .

  5. Happy Bday, you been hooking up with bloggers for a G&T have u?

    Get that passport sorted and I’ll buy you a belated Bday present!

    By thet way, been following UK politics, DC is hinting at a bit of good old fashioned social conservativism, we need social reform, I hope he means it.

    In the other news Boris might stand for Mayor of London, we’ll know Monday!

  6. No G&Ts, just cider, beer, Sauv Blanc, and two Bombay Sapphire Martinis. And, thankfully, extra-strength Tylenol.

    I’ll work on the passport thing. Thankfully, I’m finally starting to make some money. It’s cheaper to fly to Glasgow and take the train South to London than it is to take the Greyhound bus to Seattle.

    Saw that thing about Boris. I’m watching interestedly; even wrote up a “Lefty outreach” statement. Maybe I’ll post it this weekend: he’s not going to win by sticking to the Conservative base; he’s got to reach out to Londonistan.

    Stiletto, I checked my email. THANK YOU!!!!

  7. I hate to be indelicate, but… Uh, I’m seeing some inconsistencies here. For instance, 111.2F is 44, and 5.8 dog years is 38. Or were you purposely trying to be tricksy with us? :) My birthday is fast approaching, actually… I’ve not quite decided how I want to celebrate yet, but booze will certainly be involved, and since I take meds, I might be out cold by 7:00.

  8. Uh, Stilletto … Should that matter?

    You did see the partial list of imbibery she posted at comment #17, eh?

    If Raincoaster ever came equipped with a liver (my position on the issue awaits the autopsy results), then that liver was born to trouble, lived a short hard life, and died looking like a washrag at the puppy mill. It was probably glad to go.

    However I can offer you a bargain in one of her kidneys. She may not even have noticed it’s gone. It’s slighlty used; in the sense that Iraq is slightly unstable. But on the other hand it’s pretty tough and leathery. Should be a bargain for someone.

    Ten percent off for you ‘cos I like your calves.

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