kill the wabbit: the heavy metal version

Not much going on visually in this vid, but then if you’re really getting into the spirit of the thing what would you care/how would you know, because of course you’d be headbanging yourself and unable to focus, let alone read. It’s neither Metallica nor Megadeth, it’s some band you never heard of; their lead singer sounds like Elmer Fudd, so is it any wonder you’ve never heard of them? He’s Ozzy Fudd, Mark McCollum, if you must know.

From the Department of Useless Trivia, which is, naturellement, the most crucial department in the whole of raincoasterbloglandia, comes the stunning news that the great Loony Tune known as “What’s Opera, Doc” is fifty ears years old this week.

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Lyrics over the jump:

In an abandoned warehouse with no lights. Just shadows, and soon no rabbits. The purpose of the event is to pass the torch from one generation of heavy metal to the next. And there lie… in his black leather hunting outfit with a shotgun guitar with spikes coming out of it, Ozzy Fudd the Rabbit Slayer!

In the dead of night
A shimmewing wight
Gweem of a bwade
And the devil was paid
When the axe comes down
A chiwwing sound
Steel against the head
Another wabbit’s dead
I’m a wabbit swayer
A guitar pwayer
With a nasty habbit
Kill the wabbit!
(Hah hah hah)

I’m a mean mistweater
A wabbit feaster
And I pwedict
A bwoody Easter
A scuwwowing shadow
And the shadow wants to stab it
In the night of echoes
Kill the wabbit!


And there won’t be any more wabbits awound!
No more Wodger Wabbit
No more Peter Wabbit
And no more Pwayboy Bunny Wabbits!
Ah ha ha ha ha!
Be vewy vewy careful. Oooh…
Cwazy wabbits…


11 thoughts on “kill the wabbit: the heavy metal version

  1. Heard This Song When I Was In School Around 2000 Ish. Lost it Shorty Their After So Glad I Found It Again

  2. what song is this done over? There is a debate as to Judas Priest and several others…could someone shed some light?


  3. Guess this dates me: I’ve got you all beat. I vaguely remember it sometime when I was in high school. After doing some internet research, I guess it was actually released in 1994—one year after I graduated high school. Definitely remember recording it onto audio tape, though, so I knew it was an “oldie”!

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