quiz: which lolcat r u?


My score on The Which Lolcat Are You? Test:

 Serious Cat

(48% Affectionate, 42% Excitable, 51% Hungry)

Hungry for knowledge in any internet forum, you demand decorum. Any off-topic remarks, absurd statements, or tomfoolery on the interweb is deeply frowned upon by you. Truth has no room for drollery.
Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test
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18 thoughts on “quiz: which lolcat r u?

  1. Your Score: Ceiling Cat
    18% Affectionate, 27% Excitable, 33% Hungry

    You are a master of stealth. They never see you coming. But you always see them coming. HEY-O!

    What in hell is this quiz talking about?

  2. ” HHhhSSssss
    “I am not depicted in any of theses pictures”, said SHE, while switching her tail and wrinkling her nose.

    “I suppose some people get something from the enjoyment of depicting animals, supposedly beloved pets, in this way. I wonder what it is? “

  3. “Your Score: Ceiling Cat, 48% affectionate, 48% excitable, 37% hungry — You are a master of stealth. They never see you coming. But you always see them coming. HEY-O!”

    Okay, I have to talk to the judge’s about this photo caption “Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate.” Jeez. Also about unfortunate double ententdre on “you always see them coming.” Double jeez.

  4. grrrrrrrr – registered with okcupid several years ago to get the result of a quiz. Now it won’t let me register again cos “someone else has that email” and I’ve forgotten which sock I was wearing when I last registered. So I guess I’m the unknown invisible cat.

  5. It does look like William Hurt.

    I’m Ceiling Cat too (50% Affectionate, 34% Excitable, 33% Hungry) and would have posted this quiz on my blog except for the stupid caption.

    Also, how come none of these percentages add up to 100?

  6. Cats can’t count, duh.

    Actually, I think it’s percentage you are each attribute, not how much each attribute contributes to your personality.

    Steal the Pluto Ceilingcat through the link. Much more dignifieder.

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