the flying jellyfish of Singapore

Jellyfish Balloons of SingaporeJellyfish Balloons of Singapore

As constant readers know, we at the ol’ raincoaster blog just can’t get enough of the gigantic, icky Jellyfish thang. I think (we thinks?) we’ve been traumatized ever since we went kayaking during the Great Indian Arm Jellyfish Migration and ended up accidently scooping them onto the paddles with every stroke, wherefrom they would sliiiiiiiiiide down the handle and onto our hands YUCJYUCKYIKUGH and then plop onto the spray skirt, where we’d have to flick them off with the back of our hand encased in a plastic bag, ew!

But we’re over that.

In any case, imagine our thrillation and excititivity when we found that according to the Guardian (source of the above flying jellyfish imagey corroboration) Singapore has apparently got an entire festival devoted to giant, flying jellyfish. Well all we can say is, if there were giant flying jellyfish around these parts, we’d be all for The Festival. Festivities? Festivatin’, yo. Gotta keep ’em happy; the specter of a world filled with giant, flying, pissed-off jellyfish is too horrible to bear!

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7 thoughts on “the flying jellyfish of Singapore

  1. I know one queen who has a jellyfish hoop skirt with tentacles. When you live in Dampcouver, you learn to go with it.
    “We” like to think we’re channelling hive mind or sumpin’ all Web 2.0-ey like that.

  2. Ew. Fortunately, I don’t think any of ours are poisonous, although I did see one that looked something like a red mushroom cloud on fire and I wouldn’t trust that one.

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