For the pathetically lazy, OCD loser in your life…and yes, we all have one. I would hope it’s relatively self-explanatory, even to them; if not, they’re too dumb to be having sex, even with themselves. They should not be encouraged.

masturbation kit

A fine product from lovehoneyUK, via Nerdapproved.

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12 thoughts on “handy!

  1. Mme points out that the kit has a major flaw for those dumb enough to require it:

    Use of the condom along with the target is bound to lead to disappointment.

  2. Raincoaster clearly has no idea how the mind works. In nunneries and monasteries across the continent, pictures of Cheney are used to remind everyone of their vows of chastity.

    There is in fact no known case of anyone having an orgasm within 8 feet of an image of Cheney, or within half-a-mile of the real thing. However, the suicide rate spikes wherever he goes.

  3. I don’t care who Henry’s schtupping, I defy anyone to gaze upon that glazed, icy stare, that curled lip, and get serious wood.

    Unless sharp point and a mallet are involved somewhere.

    Lynn Cheney reportedly came out after realizing that her mother must have comitted The Act with Dick (and allegedly his) at least twice.

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