iron, men

And now for the latest in our series on the Ideal Man.

All the world knows about the iron men: streamlined bio-units of muscle, sinew, and insanity who compete for survival-level prize money over a gruelling, often mountainous course approximately the distance typically travelled in a human lifetime.

But do you know about Extreme Iron Men?

Extreme Ironing Man, Mt Fuji!

Extreme Ironing is the *sport* (you decide) of taking an iron & ironing board to locations not conducive to ironing, and pressing a few items of clothing.

When I left raincoaster Global HQ this morning there was a pile of wet laundry on a rack over the bathtub, dripping away and patiently waiting for my attention. I figured it would keep and tried to creep out of the place without waking the slumbering Cybergypsy. When I returned this afternoon, the laundry was happily drying on the line and my roommate was straightening the last of my unmentionables on the drying rack.

I should sign him up for this and bet a snotload of money on the guy. He’s obviously a natural. Any man who would touch my underwear without a specific invitation is, frankly, fearless.

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10 thoughts on “iron, men

  1. My man does his own ironing. unfortunately nowhere interesting, just in front of the tv.
    I never iron my stuff, unless I really have to.
    Maybe I need an iron man??

  2. Heh, Heh! Guid (Scoatiche fur gut).

    I find this: ‘Even Thatcher has better tits than Sienna Miller’ and then come here to find a discussion about doing yer laundry. Nekked, presumably? Between you and the telly but not obstructing the view? Girls, girls. Either calm doon or go for it! This,and there is nothi ng worse, than mealy mouthing about the bush, is the worst sort of non-PC sexism and should not be allowed. OK, ban me but, just once, admit that your dirty minds match ours?


  3. Well, Thatcher DOES have better tits than Sienna Miller. Look at those photos: even Daniel Craig has at least a letter of the alphabet on her.

    I don’t care where the boys do the laundry as long as I can’t hear them while I’m sleeping away the morning.

  4. LOL Love your blog! Couldn’t decide which posting to respond to first! But, I must admit a picture of a man ironing was hard to resist commenting on. It’s such a rare event! And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment! Should I mention that the blog is at ? Oooo… did I say that out loud? Sorry. :) Keep up the good work!

  5. No worries. Go to your Profile page and link your username to your blog. That way all your comments automatically link to your blog.

    Glad you like the place. Look around; plenty to see here.

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