what happened…?

Some of you may be wondering what happened. I even received a rather worried email, subject line “ONE post???”.

Here, for those of you who were not there, is what happened:


1oz Plymouth gin

1oz Campari

1oz red Cinzano vermouth

Well, it happened five times and a draft pint of Strongbow happened once. Negronis are the prettiest of all cocktails, but as I said, they are like playing with God’s remote control when you can’t read what the buttons do. Christian Brando had three and shot his sister’s lover. I had five and ended up drunkenly emailing an Eric Stoltz sighting to Defamer (who laughed at me, thanks Mark!) and instead of flirting with the biggest flirt on the planet, I went into chat and bored him senseless with my exciting plans for my new CSS design!

No wonder I can’t get laid. I ignore Eric Stoltz and bore all of the rest of them.

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13 thoughts on “what happened…?

  1. It was possibly the best post combo I could imagine. One moment you’re writing about the usual, and seemingly minutes later, a simple and effective post. Almost better than anything you’ve written so far. “I’m Drunk.” Classic. Nothing else needs to be said. Incredible. Genius.


  2. Vodka mixed drinks are for wooses. Vodka straight = cred. Gimlets need gin, but they are scrummy.

    I thought for a second you were recommending scotch, Campari and soda cocktails. The hangovers would be epic and quite possibly against the criminal code of Canada.

  3. A real vodka gimlet is where you wave the lime juice bottle near the vodka.

    There wwas the time, however, when I did get to exchange several toasts with a Gorbachev-era then-Soviet naval officer. Stupid move on my part . . . .

  4. I should have taken you with me on vacation raincoaster because I had no shortage of opportunities to get laid by some real cool looking dudes. I clubbed and dance until I was ready to drop. Luckily for the cool dudes (says the dragon lady who can devour her partners) I did not let any more that one drink per day touch my lips and I remained celibate.

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