and yes

I’m drunk.

18 thoughts on “and yes

  1. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do or should that be shumtimesh ya jusht godda do whasha godda do-diddley-oo…..zzzzzz.

  2. And yes,

    I’m astounded.


    But the important part is: did you have fun? To find the answer, search your closet carefully for a traffic cone.

  3. Bonjour, your Grace

    I flatter myself that we agree on so many things, apart from politics, religion etc

    However, I am having difficulty in agreeing with your self-observation

    Where is the confusion of subjunctive with indicative verb-moods & US-style mis-SchPellings that so often accompanies excessive enjoyment of the fruit of the Vine (one of God’s great consolations to a troubled Humanity in an often stressful world)

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G E

  4. Well, it was true when I typed it. Not true now, nor has it been for some time.

    God, is there a person in the world who suffers hangovers as bad as me? Five drinks and the entire next day is wasted.

  5. It wasn’t the fruit of the vine: it was the fruit of the juniper bush, added to the fruit of the Campari bush, added to the fruit of whatever Bush it is who is distilled into red vermouth. Italian Bush, obviously.

    Negronis…it’s like playing with God’s remote when you can’t read what the buttons are supposed to do.

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  7. Harrumphum Harrumpham Harrumphum

    R-Cstr “…. is there a person in the world who suffers hangovers as bad as me?”

    This Eagle refuses to answer on the grounds that it will incriminate him, but can I take the liberty of urging you to learn from Mr Eagle’s example, rather than following it

    I dinnae Ken about your Vitamin B, but can I counsel a darkened room, the passage of time … much time … and the abstinence from conversation and driving, while symptoms persist

    ….. and abstinence from believing anything Camus says, before, while and after the persistence of symptoms

    Yr Obedt servant etc

    G Eagle

  8. My hits actually went down, quite annoying. But it’s an inevitable consequence of posting less frequently.

    My personal preference for recovery is those tangerine fraps from Starbucks. The combination of ice, sugar, vitamins and caffeine does the trick. If it doesn’t, a greasy diner burger will help.

    I have allowed time to pass and am now somewhat, although not fully, recovered. And what did Camus ever do to you?

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