the anticlimactic fortune-teller!

Not nearly as amusing as the Fortune Cookie Generator, but still cheaper than a real Gypsy, this is, however, more likely to be accurate given my well-known diner burger fetish and the fact that I eat at relatively crappy restaurants most of the time.

Your Anti Climactic Fortune

Deep into your future, I forsee: Cold french fries

The Anti Climactic Fortune Teller

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13 thoughts on “the anticlimactic fortune-teller!

  1. Your Anti Climactic Fortune

    Deep into your future, I forsee: Pants that make you look fat

    Ha! Joke’s on her – I don’t wear pants (trousers).

    Do you think she meant knickers?

  2. I know…he’s so mysterious! He DID tap his right foot repeatedly, but I’m unsure as to what this means.

    Thank god lesbians haven’t got such a mysterious code. They just ask if you want to come over and watch Friends reruns and you can say no or yes as you choose.

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