when sturgeons attack!

Landsharks in New Jersey. Movie stars mauled by legions of Australian jellyfish. Desert Sharks cruising the Outback. Great leapin’ sturgeon attacks! Who could be behind it all?

Putin Sturgeon

I understand politicans kissing babies; although babies don’t vote, their parents do. One has to wonder, however, if either Putin has now extended suffrage to Deep Ones or Chernobyl was really a helluva lot worse than they told us: can’t wait to get a gander at the proud parents of this one!

Cthulhu ’08, baby!

Cthulhu '08

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18 thoughts on “when sturgeons attack!

  1. Her Grace La Marchionesse de WitchH under B de la Z

    Your Grace


    That Sturgeon looks disgruntled

    – like a Gray Eagle upon receipt of his inflated Local Council Tax Rates-bill (which pays for Fireworks displays & Parking Ticket distributors) or like an Honest American being entrampled by the Internal Revenue Service

    Yr Grace’s obedient Servant etc

    G Eagle

  2. Turns out most of those FOB Russians fit perfectly with Bush’s concept of the rugged western individualist who’s also in ordnung – just go look at pictures of Wyatt Earp, Phillip Sheridan, George Custer et al and imagine them without facial hair.

  3. Love the new look.

    I was reading McLean’s the other day at the gym and there was an article about Putin going fishing and they showed a picture of him shirtless on a boat with a fishing rod. Say what you want about the guy, he’s got a hot chest.

  4. More Cowbell! I think we can all get behind that!

    FFE, that’s a good point. Weren’t they rather FOB themselves? One generation landed at most, I think. Countries very rarely send the prettiest ones overseas.

    WC, I’m rather terrified by that information. Let me enjoy my Tony Blair fantasies in peace, without any scrawny Goldfinger lurking in the background.

  5. OK – so DON’T go to my blog right now to see the shirtless picture of Putin I just posted, if you really, really don’t want your Tony Blair fantasies ruined. I guarantee you this, though: Tony may have the teeth, but Putin has the pecs.

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