beavers fondled, sniffed, petted by Wetmore woman

Beaver kissing

This story has it all!

Yes, it has hairy, wet beavers, petting, scratching, groping, sniffing, jail barbers, restraints, cages, and even a bit of wrestling.

“I love that smell. Don’t you just love it? Nothing smells better to me,” says Sherri Tippie, inhaling deeply. “I was born for beavers…we’ve spent too long working against Nature…”

Truly an enlightened perspective. Part-time she trims hair in prisons, full-time she gets down and dirty with some wild hairy beavers. Some people might complain about the workload, but Tippie just can’t get enough!

Some, though, are more cautious.

“Properly managed, beavers can be a great thing,” said Eric Adams, executive director of the nonprofit and educational MacGregor Ranch near Estes Park, where Tippie has delivered the animals.

I guess he’s more into restraint.

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15 thoughts on “beavers fondled, sniffed, petted by Wetmore woman

  1. don’tcha just lurve those Canadian Platypuses, but would you want it to be living at the bottom of your Garden

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  6. Please, child. Let me explain how flamewars work:

    First, you bring your game. If that’s the best you’ve got I’m afraid we’ll have to make you go sit in the corner with the pointy hat on for another four or five years.

    Second, you try not to say anything obviously stupid. A model and beauty pageant champion who judges bodybuilding competitions is not only objectively beautiful, she could probably pick up your mom’s Accord and throw it at you.

    Third, and related to my last point above, you stay in your own league.

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