Chris Crocker: You fuck with Britney, you deal with ME!

It’s rare, even in our celebrity-obsessed culture, to find an expression of fandom that is pure, hearfelt, honest, tragic, tearful and absolutely hilarious.

But I found one!

via Defamer, but I woulda found it anyway.

Chris Crocker is a STAR, bitches, a STAR!


This video its own tribute fragrance now.

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28 thoughts on “Chris Crocker: You fuck with Britney, you deal with ME!

  1. You should see the rest of his videos. When he’s not telling people to eat his cornhole, he’s musing on the Britney. I don’t know why: he’s got better hair than she does, and, after the VMA performance, probably more fans!

  2. “When is it professional to bash someone who’s going through a hard time.”

    Um … well, I’d say anytime that person has basically constructed a career out of the media filming the slow-motion implosions of her trailer-trash life.

    Somebody get that guy (?) a therapist.

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  6. I think his entire family is messed up. His sister is actually supporting him for being a total idiot and thinks that he’s totally awesome.

  7. I’m surprised to hear he HAS a sister. I thought his whole mystique was that he was some abandoned orphan living with Grannie in a trailer in the middle of Redneck County, USA.

  8. I still can’t believe I thought this was a girl. No – wait, I still can’t believe it isn’t a girl.

    You’ll be spotting him on video at the GLBT clinic soon very soon.

  9. Raincoaster sed:
    If Chris Crocker gets a Hollywood contract before Brian Atene does, there’s no justice in this world.

    There is none:
    Not now!
    Okay, so it ain’t Hollywood. Still …

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